About Us

Briggsplanet collects, restores, trades and sells antique engines, garden tractors and hard to find or obsolete parts for Briggs and Stratton, Wisconsin, Tecumseh, Kohler and other antique small air cooled engines. Briggs and Stratton cast iron engines and single wheeled or steel wheeled walk-behind tractors from the first part of the century are the first love at the Briggsplanet place. Track machines like the Pull-away, Gray, Attwell Chain Tred, The Bomb Carrier and The Kittytrack find a favored parking spot here.

Briggsplanet started collecting Briggs & Stratton engines years ago and now is blessed with a collection of hundreds from the 1919 Motorwheel through the Letter series cast iron engines from the 1950's. These are our favorites. We are looking for one more to complete the collection we want. It is the FJ1 with 2 aluminum shrouds. It was used in WWII and is now pretty scarce. If you have one or hear of one PLEASE let us know!!

Briggsplanet also enjoys military collectibles.  We lean toward the World War II era.  You will find a 1943 Ford Jeep on our place, in original and running condition.  We take her out on drives in the surrounding desert.  We also have a number of small engines and generators used in the war.  Pictures, pedal jeeps, field table and small memoriblia compete to find a display spot in our barn and house.  Make sure you check out our Military page.

briggsplanet@aol.com or 1-520-826-2600 and leave Paul a message with your phone number. 

Want to join the Vintage Garden Tractor Club of America? It's still only $25 a year for you and the family. Great fun, fellowship and sharing. Email us!  We also email a South West Vintage Garden Tractor Collectors Newsletter free of charge. Just let us know! briggsplanet@aol.com